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Journal paper published – footbridge vibration

16 April, 2012 (20:47) | Engineering, Research | No comments

The paper Enhancement factors for the vertical response of footbridges subjected to stochastic crowd loading has been published in the prestigious Computers & Structures journal. This has an impact factor of 1.719 for 2010. This paper proposes a method of determining statistical enhancement factors to apply to single pedestrian responses to obtain corresponding crowd-induced vibration […]

Spaghetti Bridge World Record

2 December, 2011 (13:22) | General | 2 comments

The video of spaghetti bridge world record test is below. The bridge weighed 0.982 kg and held 443.58 kg before failing spectacularly. This is an amazing strength-to-weight ratio of almost 452 and beat the previous world record by 92 kg. It was built by two Hungarian students, Aliz Totivan and Norbert Pozsonyi and tested at […]

The importance of units

21 October, 2011 (21:47) | General | No comments

There are some quite serious sites that point out the importance of units in engineering calculations, but a less serious result of an error is the guy who got the wrong slipper! See the news report here.

Nonlinear beam behaviour example

3 October, 2011 (22:19) | General | No comments

This shows the deflection and bending moment history of a propped cantilever loaded with a point load at mid-span. The beam has a plastic moment capacity of 100 kNm and a shape factor of 1.12. A strain hardening modulus of 2% of the modulus of elasticity is used. The model is based on that given […]

Getting properties from CMFCPropertyGridProperty

2 September, 2011 (02:15) | General | 1 comment

It’s been a while…but this is a good one – if it is what you need! In Visual C++, the MFC Feature Pack gives the property grid control, but one of the questions regularly asked (see is how to return properties once changes by the user. Part of the problem is the COLEVariant is […]

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