To measure the liquid heights in a Tuned Liquid Column Damper, either very expensive wave bob metres are needed, or the researcher can go through video image frame by frame estimating the height of the liquid columns from a scale attached to the TLCD. To avoid this laborious task, and to increase the number of… Read More

The two main programs that I’ve developed in Visual Basic are now available here: FEBeam: a finite element beam analysis package; TrussMaster: a truss analysis package. These programs are close to fully-fledged but there are still some rough edges. Also made available are: TrussGenerator: an auxilliary program to TrussMaster; Steel Section DB: a steel sections… Read More

The C++ section of the website has been updated with many small programs available for download: Nelder-Mead simplex algorithm; Runge-Kutta, 4th order program; Generalized Extreme Value distribution fitting program; Machine Epsilon calculator; Matrix class based on STL; Monte Carlo calculation of pi; Square root of a matrix program; Steelbeam analysis program. The Visual Basic section… Read More

The WordPress plugin MultiFeedSnap has nicely proved to be quite popular. Consequently, I’ve moved it to its own page, rather than try maintain it as a post. The page is here. Please post any comments or queires you have at that page. Thanks to those who are checking it out. The WordPress downloads chart… Read More