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In preparing this site I wanted to have multiple RSS feeds on a single page (here). The simplest plugin I found was Paul Morley’s FeedSnap which seems to be no longer supported. However, it only allows a single feed on each post or page. Therefore I rewrote the FeedSnap plugin to allow multiple feeds, removing its dependence on the lastRSS parser, and (in my opinion) simplifying the code somewhat.

The latest version of MultiFeedSnap is only available from its WordPress site here. It is stable on WordPress 2.5.1 and 2.6.

New!Version 1.1 released. Users can now specify how many posts from each feed they wish to display :

[*feedsnap, 10*][*/feedsnap*]
<h3>Institution of Structural Engineers</h3>
[*feedsnap, 2*][*/feedsnap*]
<h3>Richard Dawkins</h3>

Note: asterisks at brackets “[* … *]” are only there to display the code and not have it parsed.

New: A Chinese site has assembled a list of WordPress-related RSS feed plugins. Google’s English translation is here.

The MultiFeedSnap downloads chart


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