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Combining cross-references in MS Word

3 September, 2018 (22:12) | General

I use MS Word for a lot of my writings (though I’ve come to dislike it intensely for more mathematical work). Cross-referencing Figures and Tables is a great time-saver, no matter how short you think the document will be, and how confident you are there will not be additional figures plopped into the middle! Rarely have I regretted the microseconds it takes to click Insert > Citation, and then Insert > Cross Reference.

But, this has bugged me for years:

Figure 8, Figure 9, and Figure 10 show that…

It should clearly be:

Figures 8, 9, and 10 show that…

(Note the vitally-important Oxford Comma!) Or better yet:

Figures 8-10 show that…

But how can this be done in MS Word? At last I found the answer. Enjoy:




Comment from Dan the bear
Time: 17 October, 2022, 07:37

” The road bridge is itself two independent bridge structures, while the rail bridge is a single bridge structure supporting two ballasted rail tracks.”
From The Conversion

You and your colleague should have seen a video of the bridge building before writing this NONSENSE and/or visiting the works !
The rail bridge is made of TWO DIFFERENT STRUCTURES side by side and not a SINGLE BRIDGE STRUCTURE ”
Ps : I made a picture of your intervention in The Conversation and sent it in Russia ! ;0)

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