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Spaghetti Bridge World Record

2 December, 2011 (13:22) | General

The video of spaghetti bridge world record test is below. The bridge weighed 0.982 kg and held 443.58 kg before failing spectacularly. This is an amazing strength-to-weight ratio of almost 452 and beat the previous world record by 92 kg. It was built by two Hungarian students, Aliz Totivan and Norbert Pozsonyi and tested at the 2009 Spaghetti Bridge Championships held at Okanagan College’s Kelowna, B.C., Canada.

The construction of the bridge is extremely good. Every connection and member is in perfect position, and this means that load paths are equally distributed. As we in DIT have learned from our Spaghetti Bridge tests, it is often the best constructed bridge, and not necessarily the best design that wins.




Comment from Kevin
Time: 18 January, 2012, 13:21

Bridge looks familiar! Pity about our construction team though!

Comment from stacy
Time: 26 April, 2012, 18:11

well i cant see it

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