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Lecture Notes

Lecture notes for various courses I’ve given are below by subject and topic. I’d appreciate any feedback, and let me know if you find them useful.

Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) – Honours Degree in Structural Engineering

Structural Mechanics – 3rd Year

I am no longer teaching this course, but notes related to it are here:

Structural Analysis – 3rd Year

The notes are on the course homepage here.

Structural Analysis – 4th Year

Similarly, these notes are on the course homepage here.

DIT – Diploma in Civil Engineering

Design of Reinforced Concrete – 3rd Year

These notes were delivered only once and so are more synopsis than detailed explanations, but may still be of use.

Fluid Mechanics – 2nd Year

Not my area of expertise, and only taught for one year, but I put a lot into it and I learned a lot from writing these notes. They cover:

  • Introduction to course
  • Introduction to fluids
  • Hydrostatics
  • Hydrodynamics: Basics
  • Hydrodynamics: Flow in Pipes
  • Hydrodynamics: Flow in Channels

University College Dublin (UCD) – Degree in Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering Design – Fourth Year

The topics covered are:

The following were developed based on Prof. Eugene O’Brien’s work:

UCD – Degree in Architecture

Structures for Architects

These notes (and more) were given to 3rd and 4th year architects.

An interesting set of notes about how structural engineering and architecture inter-relate was used to prompt discussion and interest. They are:

The notes are image intensive: hence the size,  but the message requires the imagery.

Both DIT and UCD

Structural Scheme Design

A comprehensive set of notes dealing with the preliminary design of structures, covering the following:

  • Introduction to the area
  • Overall Structural Behaviour
  • Structural Materials and Form
  • Precedence Studies
  • Preliminary Analysis
  • Preliminary Design
  • Car Park Design
  • Examples

These notes were developed in part from a course given by Prof. Eugene O’Brien.


Comment from Annam Ebenezer
Time: 18 December, 2015, 20:05

Please sir, do u have any software for CONCRETE WALL SYSTEMS?.

Comment from Sohail Mirza
Time: 3 January, 2016, 02:22

It seems the link to notes dealing with the preliminary design of structures is broken or deleted. I wonder whether a link to notes can be provided. I am preparing for IStructE exam and these will be a valuable source. Thanks

Comment from Walid Alaywan
Time: 26 February, 2016, 03:41

Hi Colin,

Excellent notes anywhere!!

In “Behaviour and design of columns.” Some figures are missing.

In “Reinforced Concrete Columns: from first principles and to BS8110”, solutions to some examples are missing.

Thank you again


Comment from Pravin
Time: 23 February, 2017, 17:42

Hi Colin,
I am preparing for MI Structe examination, Required the study material and guidance.

Comment from Samuel Acidri
Time: 6 May, 2018, 21:00

Good Morning Dr Caprani,
Could you avail us some notes on Design of Structural steel? I would be grateful.

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