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Combining cross-references in MS Word

3 September, 2018 (22:12) | General | 1 comment

I use MS Word for a lot of my writings (though I’ve come to dislike it intensely for more mathematical work). Cross-referencing Figures and Tables is a great time-saver, no matter how short you think the document will be, and how confident you are there will not be additional figures plopped into the middle! Rarely […]

Back up at last!

25 April, 2015 (05:52) | General | No comments

So this website disappeared for a while, as you may have noticed. In July 2013 I moved to Australia, to the Department of Civil Engineering at Monash University in Melbourne – see me here. It’s been a very busy time since then, and the website got lost in the mix. I’m really pleased to have […]

Peter Rice – 20 year Anniversary

25 March, 2013 (22:51) | General | 1 comment

Peter Rice the famous and brilliant Irish engineer died 20 years ago this year. To celebrate his significant contribution to the global profession of structural engineering, a few new publications/broadcasts have been released. These are a must read/watch/listen for any structural engineer, but especially Irish students of structural engineering! 1. Traces of Peter Rice Arup […]

Micro-cracks in steel

9 October, 2012 (21:29) | General | 1 comment

Here’s an amazing false colour image of a micro crack in steel, viewed through an electron microscope. Through repeated load cycles such cracks get bigger and bigger with the bulb of plastic material at the crack tip getting larger and larger. The resulting stress intensification around the crack causes more plasticity accentuating the process. If […]

BCRI Young Researcher Award

18 September, 2012 (20:08) | General | 2 comments

Well the Bridge and Concrete Research in Ireland (BCRI) conference, held on 6/7 September 2012, and co-chaired by myself and Dr Alan O’Connor of Trinity College Dublin seemed to go very well. There has been very positive feedback and some very good suggestions for future events. I won the Young Researcher Award (from an independent […]

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