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BTech Structural Analysis

Lecture Notes 2009/10

Syllabus and course information here.

Revision and structural analysis basics notes are here (17.8 MB).


Macaulay Examples, done in class, 17 Feb. ’09.


Comment from Shalika Manoj(Sri Lanka)
Time: 17 August, 2011, 06:41

good job

Comment from Abraham
Time: 11 May, 2012, 08:45

Please send me question papers and memorundums if you have any. i would also apreciate if you send any other material available on SAN401C AND TST401C.

Comment from Ewuola Abimbola
Time: 14 May, 2012, 00:43

keep it up, the lecture notes are nice

Comment from Binol
Time: 18 May, 2012, 04:34


Comment from Adeodatus uwiringiyimana
Time: 12 June, 2012, 16:36

send on this email the answers about indeterminate frames

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