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DIT Final Year Projects 2009/10

21 September, 2009 (10:24) | General

Around this time of year, many students have difficulty trying to identify appropriate topics for study towards their Final Year Project. Many other third level colleges stipulate the available projects to work on but we do not do this in DIT. For the weaker students this creates a difficulty, whilst for the stronger students this allows them to work on a topic of most personal interest. So there are pros and cons, but such is life.

In any case, and perhaps to avoid repeating myself, below is a list of topics that may be of interest, some ideas more developed than others. Also note that some may be more difficult than others. Please contact me if you are interested in pursuing any one of these projects.

Ultra High Performance Fibre-Reinforced Concrete (UHPFRC)

This material is quite new and has been used in some sample projects  on the continent. It remains to be calibrated for Irish cement. The proportion of steel or synthetic   be match tot he chemical composition of our cement, as well as our aggregate. In doing so it is important to maintain certain properties of the concrete, such as strain hardening rates. This material has particular applications in bridge rehabilitation. The student will be required to assimilate information from various European research institutions/sources.

Influence Surfaces Applied to Bridge Traffic Load Effect

The two-dimensional version of the influence line, influence surfaces allow great flexibility in determining the load effects of interests for any position of a vehicle on the bridge. The student here will develop an appropriate algorithm for calculation. They will use finite element analysis of several representative bridge decks and lengths to find the influence surfaces for load effects of interest. They will then use generated traffic streams to calculate the load effects which can be compared to traditional results obtained from influence lines and lane factors.

Valve Influence in Tuned Liquid Column Dampers (TLCDs)

The amount that a valve is open or closed affects the properties of a TLCD. Whilst there are some standard ways of establishing the valve’s influence, this project will examine, both experimentally and theoretically, this effect. The experimental apparatus and computer code from a final year project carried out in 2008/9 should be of assistance.

Calibration of Traffic Microsimulation Model

Perhaps more suited for those on the Civil Engineering degree, this project will attempt to calibrate a recently-developed traffic micro-simulation model to more established models. This will require the understanding of traffic flow and the influence of various parameters on the micro and macro properties of traffic flow.

Effect of Lane Closure on Bridge Traffic Loading

This project will use a traffic micro-simulation model to investigate the effect that a lane closure has on bridge traffic load effect. It will examine the influence of input flow rates and the location of the lane closure in relation to bridge, for example.

Prestressed FRP for Strengthening RC Beams

A recent European project develop the idea of prestressing FRP strips prior to gluing to the soffit of an RC beam that is to be strengthened. This project will develop a theoretical model and validate it using experiments. It will conclude on the influence of the prestressing, and the additional strength gained.

Damage Detection using Distributed Accelerometers

This project will use the results from an array of accelerometers attached to a beam, which is then excited, to identify any damage in the beam. It will have both theoretical and experimental aspects. In particular the results of the analysis of the accelerometer data before and after damage has been introduced into the experimental and theoretical beams.

Digital Image Processing for Vibration Monitoring

This project will examine the use of digital footage (using a standard camcorder) of a vibrating structure to determine the structural properties. Image processing will be done using the Matlab Image Processing toolbox. If the method is found successful it offers a cheap alternative to traditional structural monitoring devices.




Comment from Christina
Time: 1 October, 2009, 20:09

These project were really difficult but all of these are good and exciting to be a project study. I am looking for a good research project topics like you posted here. And I am thinking to get “Calibration of Traffic Microsimulation Model”, “Influence Surfaces Applied to Bridge Traffic Load Effect”, and “Effect of Lane Closure on Bridge Traffic Loading”. I need to research more about these topics before I choose one because I need more certain details and information (if its available) before I decide. I will let you know if I pursue one of the three topics that I am interested.

Comment from sathish
Time: 15 July, 2010, 19:44

want new it project for final year

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