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Combining cross-references in MS Word

3 September, 2018 (22:12) | General | 1 comment

I use MS Word for a lot of my writings (though I’ve come to dislike it intensely for more mathematical work). Cross-referencing Figures and Tables is a great time-saver, no matter how short you think the document will be, and how confident you are there will not be additional figures plopped into the middle! Rarely […]

Journal Article Submission Figures Workflow

1 June, 2018 (23:07) | Research | 1 comment

After the blood, sweat, and tears is finished, and the article summarizing your wonderful research is ready to be submitted, well then there’s the submission process itself. Submitting articles to journals varies in difficulty with some allowing just a PDF of everything at once, and others requiring each table and figure to be uploaded as […]

Integrating LaTeXdiff with TeXStudio

31 August, 2017 (13:27) | Programming | 2 comments

Recently I’ve started using LaTeX for my more mathematical writing. Although I’ve been using MS Word + MathType for 15+ years, the frustration of bad typesetting, and the difficulty in changing formatting globally got too much for me.  I’m using TeXStudio with MiKTeX in a Windows 10 environment (one step at a time…I’ll get to Linux […]

IStructE: Australia meets Ireland

14 February, 2017 (23:19) | Engineering | No comments

Prof. Brian Uy, University of Sydney, will give a lecture to the Insitution of Structural Engineers, Republic of Ireland Regional Group on recent advances in steel composite structures in Australasia. Prof. Uy has extensive experience in conducting the research and developing the latest codes of practice for composite structures in Australasia.  He is the Chairman […]

Back up at last!

25 April, 2015 (05:52) | General | No comments

So this website disappeared for a while, as you may have noticed. In July 2013 I moved to Australia, to the Department of Civil Engineering at Monash University in Melbourne – see me here. It’s been a very busy time since then, and the website got lost in the mix. I’m really pleased to have […]

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