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Bridge Collapses as Motivation

18 June, 2010 (13:48) | General

Sometimes its useful to re-motivate ourselves. A sobering TIME magazine photo-essay reminds us why we research and try to continually improve the design process:

The Worst Bridge Collapses in the Past 100 Years

Mianus Bridge, Greenwich, Conn. (June 28, 1983)

Another collection is here:




Comment from julio vivero
Time: 2 October, 2010, 21:56

something is erroneus in the paper
Analysis Structural III ( page 46 )

your calculate gived R = 18.13 KN and answer give me 23.56 KN
please your response

student julio vivero

Comment from Colin
Time: 3 October, 2010, 14:27

You’re correct – it is a typo. The line above this should be 72R-900 = 6(720-36R). 18.13 kN is the correct result.

Comment from Colm Saunders
Time: 23 March, 2011, 21:42

Colin – I drive across this bridge every day. Its looking better than that photo you posted!

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