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IStructE Lecture – The Millau Viaduct

15 October, 2008 (20:37) | Engineering

Dr Vincent de VIlle of Bureau Greisch de Li├Ęge gave an enthralling lecture in DIT Bolton St last night about the design and construction of the MIllau Viaduct (emblazoned on this website). The Millau Viaduct, completed in 2004, has already taken its rightful place as an engineering masterpiece and this was reflected in the turnout for the lecture. Over 150 people attended – one of the highest attendances ever for an Institution of Structural Engineers, Republic of Ireland Branch, Evening Meeting. The lecture left even experienced engineers breathless as Dr de Ville explained the many bold decisions made in both the design and construction of the deck. Indeed he made designing for 5 m deflections during construction seem reasonable!

The lecture was certainly one of the best seen here in recent years. Dr de Ville modestly claims that the subject matter is the reason for success. However, the way in which extremely complex structural engineering ideas were conveyed meant that even the lay-people that attended were able to follow and enjoy the excitement of this design. The lecture reinforced a pride in structural engineering, and the accomplishments that are possible given a bold vision and adequate resources.

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