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Journal Paper Published

4 June, 2008 (16:22) | Engineering, Research

The paper Characteristic traffic load effects from a mixture of loading events on short to medium span bridges has been published in Structural Safety at last. It was first submitted in June 2005 and eventually made available online in April 2007. So I’m delighted that it has eventully been given some page numbers! It has been published in Vol. 30(5) September 2008 issue of Structural Safety, pages 394-404.

Even though it’s been a long wait, Structural Safety is a well-reputed journal with an impact factor of 1.25 (2006) which is high for a civil-engineering journal. The journal home is here. The paper is available here, but may require a purchase if you don’t have an institutional login:

The abstract for the paper is:

In recent years, highway bridge load assessment has been recognised as an area through which savings can be made by avoiding unnecessary bridge refurbishment and replacement. Load effects in bridges result from single truck crossings or multiple-truck presence events which are, statistically, not identically distributed. Conventional approaches fit statistical distributions to mixtures of non-identically distributed load effects. Inaccuracies in the conventional approach are identified and an alternative approach is developed to find the characteristic load effects. Theoretical and field data are used to show the potential implications of conventional techniques and to demonstrate the application of the new approach.



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