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10 May, 2008 (02:40) | General

At last! My long-threatened revamp to my website is under way. I’m moving the old, crappy, Frontpage-spawned, static, hard-to-update, discouraging website to this shiny new WordPress bloggy-type thingy. It’s really easy to maintain so I’ve no doubt I’ll have all the content up soon that I’ve been threatening to put up.

I’m from Dublin, Ireland and am a lecturer in Structural Engineering at the Dublin Institute of Technology. My main professional areas are the analysis of structures and research into traffic loading on highway bridges. I’ll be writing about these areas, as well as making a whole bunch of notes and some software available here.

On the personal side I love to whitewater kayak – especially the travelling that it can involve. I dabble in Mixed Martial Arts too, but I’m not very good. There’ll be plenty of paddling photos here, but none of me doing my MMA training!

Take a look around and leave some feedback – thanks!


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