This shows the deflection and bending moment history of a propped cantilever loaded with a point load at mid-span. The beam has a plastic moment capacity of 100 kNm and a shape factor of 1.12. A strain hardening modulus of 2% of the modulus of elasticity is used. The model is based on that given… Read More

It’s been a while…but this is a good one – if it is what you need! In Visual C++, the MFC Feature Pack gives the property grid control, but one of the questions regularly asked (see is how to return properties once changes by the user. Part of the problem is the COLEVariant is… Read More

To measure the liquid heights in a Tuned Liquid Column Damper, either very expensive wave bob metres are needed, or the researcher can go through video image frame by frame estimating the height of the liquid columns from a scale attached to the TLCD. To avoid this laborious task, and to increase the number of… Read More

I just came across Himmelblau’s function for testing optimization routines. It has four local minima and one maxima so it provides a good test: I’m pleased to say my implementation of the Nelder-Meade Simplex Algorithm (on my C++ page here) was able to optimize it for each minima (depending on the starting locations of course).… Read More