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In Memorium – Joe O’Donovan

13 May, 2008 (04:30) | General | No comments

Sadly Joe O’Donovan, co-founder and Chairman of Rough & O’Donovan Consulting Engineers, passed away at the weekend. From the ROD website:

A favourite quote of Joe’s was the epitaph on the tomb of Sir Christopher Wren “lecteur, Si Monumentum Requiris Circumspice” which translates “reader, if you seek his monument, look around”. Joe’s monuments, I’m sure you will agree, are around for us all to see.

And they are:

The M1 Boyne Bridge, Ireland
The M1 Boyne Bridge, Ireland

Joe was very kind and encouraging to me when, as an academic, I found myself surrounded by supreme practicing bridge engineers. I’ll remember him fondly.


11 May, 2008 (20:45) | General | No comments

I’ve been updating the site content lately so there is plenty to check out.

PhD Thesis

10 May, 2008 (04:00) | Engineering, Research | No comments

My PhD thesis is available for download as a pdf here (18.7 MB). It’s called

Probabilistic Analysis of Highway Bridge Traffic Loading

and generally does exactly what it says on the tin. I carried out he work under the supervision of Prof. Eugene O’Brien at University College Dublin, and I was examined by Prof. Enrique Castillo of the Cantabria University in Spain.

I’d appreciate any comments on the work, and any typos – there’s bound to be some. Thanks.


10 May, 2008 (02:40) | General | No comments

At last! My long-threatened revamp to my website is under way. I’m moving the old, crappy, Frontpage-spawned, static, hard-to-update, discouraging website to this shiny new WordPress bloggy-type thingy. It’s really easy to maintain so I’ve no doubt I’ll have all the content up soon that I’ve been threatening to put up.

I’m from Dublin, Ireland and am a lecturer in Structural Engineering at the Dublin Institute of Technology. My main professional areas are the analysis of structures and research into traffic loading on highway bridges. I’ll be writing about these areas, as well as making a whole bunch of notes and some software available here.

On the personal side I love to whitewater kayak – especially the travelling that it can involve. I dabble in Mixed Martial Arts too, but I’m not very good. There’ll be plenty of paddling photos here, but none of me doing my MMA training!

Take a look around and leave some feedback – thanks!

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