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Postgraduate Research – A Timely Choice

29 January, 2009 (21:27) | Engineering, Research | 1 comment

For the graduates of 2009, postgraduate study should be a real option as the next step in their careers. Given the current conditions in the domestic and international construction industry, postgraduate research provides both a regular (albeit modest) income, a challenging and stimulating working environment, and not least is an investment for both your own, […]

Journal article published

1 September, 2008 (13:52) | Research | No comments

The paper titled Determination of bridge lifetime dynamic amplification factor using finite element analysis of critical loading scenarios will appear in the September 2008 edition of Engineering Structures. This journal has an impact factor of 0.986 for 2007. This paper outlines the simulations behind the dynamic interaction model which was used in the bivariate extreme […]

Journal Paper Published

4 June, 2008 (16:22) | Engineering, Research | No comments

The paper Characteristic traffic load effects from a mixture of loading events on short to medium span bridges has been published in Structural Safety at last. It was first submitted in June 2005 and eventually made available online in April 2007. So I’m delighted that it has eventully been given some page numbers! It has […]

Why We Research

16 May, 2008 (23:08) | Engineering, Research | No comments

Research into bridge loading applies existing science and techniques to solve what is quite obviously a practical problem. Even so, I’m often asked what good is the research, and “sure isn’t that all known about already?”. Those involved in pure blue-skies research must have it much worse than I do. In reading Petr Beckman‘s A […]

Dissertation Section

15 May, 2008 (01:30) | Research | No comments

Rather than having to download the full 18.7 MB, this re-vamped section of the website outlines the research carried out for my PhD. The abstract is here, which gives a brief outline whilst a little more information on the particular aspects of the problem are outlined here.

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