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Postgraduate Research – A Timely Choice

29 January, 2009 (21:27) | Engineering, Research

For the graduates of 2009, postgraduate study should be a real option as the next step in their careers. Given the current conditions in the domestic and international construction industry, postgraduate research provides both a regular (albeit modest) income, a challenging and stimulating working environment, and not least is an investment for both your own, and the country’s, successful future: people with higher degrees, especially PhDs, earn far more over their full career, are much less likely to be unemployed, and tend to progress up the career ladder far more quickly than counterparts (links of interest are given at the bottom of this post).

Other aspects of research-based postgraduate study are:

  • Postgraduate study is not at all like undergraduate study: you have an office (shared), a computer, usually no classes (though Ireland is moving towards the American model where classes complementary to your research area can be attended – a very positive thing), and you are the boss of your own time (save for meetings etc). It is so much more than a continuation of undergraduate study – just ask your nearest postgrad!
  • In most cases postgraduate students have their fees covered and are paid a modest stipend, around €14,000 to €18,000 per year.
  • Specializing in an area that you are interested in is extremely rewarding, leading to much higher levels of career satisfaction and a better life-work balance (because doing something you’re interested in just doesn’t feel like work!).

Please check back for more information, as we (in DIT civil/structural engineering) may arrange for some talks on doing postgraduate study, as well as make you aware of the areas of interest that are available to research in.

Immediate Irish Funding

If you are interested in pursuing graduate research in civil/structural engineering in September 2009 you can apply for funding from the Irish Research Council for Science Engineering & Technology (IRCSET) through their Embark Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme. You will need to identify an area of research interest and liaise with your potential supervisor in advance of making the application. The application process opens on 21 January 2009 and closes on 25 February 2009

Please note that applicants for postgraduate funding will be expected to have an excellent academic record and be on course to achieve a First Class Honours, or very high 2:1 degree award.

Bridge Traffic Loading

If you are interested in researching the area of bridge traffic loading, please email me to express your interest and progress the necessary funding applications. Have a browse in the publications section on the site to see the type of research that I carry out. Don’t worry if it is a lot to take in initially, just understand the broad thrust of our goals.

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